Shirts tend to be an element that manages to grab a place in everyone’s wardrobe. 

Whether it be a formal occasion or an informal one, shirts are the best to carry on. 

And the best part is that shirts can be worn by everyone-men, women, girls, and boys.

On that note, have you paid attention to the pockets of shirts like where are they positioned? Yes. 

The pockets are always located on the left side of shirts and not on right. 

However, some modern day patterns of shirts even include pockets on the right side as well.

So here is the answer to why the pockets on shirts are on the left side and for that you need to go till the end of the article.

Let us see why they are placed on the left side.

So, if you are right-handed and want to pick something out of the left pocket on the shirt it will be very easy, however, if you are left-handed then it will be really hard for you to do so.

However, there are some shirts that have pockets on both of the sides.

Since most of the people are right-handed the above answer is very relative in this case. 

Moreover, you will certainly take your lucky coin or a locket with a picture of someone dear to you in your left pocket. 

This can stop any bullet or harmful thing from penetrating your heart.

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