Ramundo Arruda Sobrinho is 77 years old man who lives on a street, but with a pretty impressive history. 

Since he was a teenager, he knew that he wants to write poetry. 

Although he tried everyday to give his best, his life work did not go public, and the world was not aware of his talent, till 2011. 

After 35 years spent in creating art and poetry, his dream finally came true.

In 2011, the faith led him to a woman named Shalla. 

One day he showed her one of his poems without any expectations. 

When Shalla read the poem, she was fascinated, breathless. 

She posted the poem on her Facebook page and added to it more poems from Ramundo Arruda Sobrinho. 

See what happened next in the video below, called “The Conditioned” that is a documentary about Ramundo’s life

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