If you are using braces, you may have asked yourself if there are certain consequences from wearing these devices. The answer is- yes! Bracelets are an alloy of various types of metal, like iron and nickel, which are dangerous for our health. And we have this dangerous alloy in our mouth!

According to the team of scientists from the Faculty of Odontology at the Buenos Aires University, wearing braces can have fatal consequences. As an example of how dangerous bracelets really are, is the case of a 31-year-old man: he started complaining of a severe pain and discomfort in his mouth; the dental emergency room diagnosed him with a strange type of osteosarcoma, cancer of the jaw. 

Surprised by the anomaly, doctors investigated the case thoroughly and discovered that the patient`s teeth were deformed and he was complaining of a severe pain in the teeth which were loose or previously fixed. Doctors discovered that the tumor contained large amount of metals, common for manufacturing dental braces.

After a while, the cancer spread all over the mouth, even though the patient received treatment. On the positive side, thanks to this unusual case, doctors started researching this issue and concluded that wearing bracelets for longer time period can have negative effects on our health. Also, if you are wearing bracelets, you must balance your diet so that the metals are kept in good condition.

Share this post if you are wearing bracelets or you know someone who does. We must spread this information to as many people as we can, to prevent the growth of the number of patients with mouth cancer, who wore or still wear dental bracelets.

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