Candice Marie Fox was stunned when her doctors said that because of thyroid cancer, which has spread to other organs, has, according to their estimates, only five years to live. 

Now 31 year old, refused chemotherapy and instead of it ate 3 pineapples daily. 

Also, she was eating a grapefruit, lemon, papaya, apples, kiwi and bananas. 

Moreover, during the treatment, she didn’t ingested proteins of animal origin.

Within six months of the fourth stage cancer it is almost gone, and the astonished doctors have now confirmed she is completely cured of cancer.

– I let the cancer starve out. 

I learned that the bromelain from pineapple, kiwi and papaya destroys the protein layer of cancer. 

Protein from animal products feed cancer, and when I eat large meals my energy is directed to the digestion of food, so the body can’t heal.

– I ate bits of fruit, which was starving away at cancer, so I got rid of it within six months. I no longer have cancer, I’m very grateful for that.

Beautiful Candice in 2011 found a lump above her left collarbone, and the findings showed thyroid cancer. 

Despite therapy, the cancer has spread to the liver and neck, and pre-cancerous cells were found in the lungs. 

Doctors predicted that she would live five years at best.

They told her to come for six months to chemotherapy but Candice refused. 

She lost her best friend Jamie (31) and cousin Frankie (13) from cancer, and she blames chemotherapy for their deaths because it weakened their body. 

Candice, then lived in Australia , remembers that time :

-I had five years or six months to get rid of this disease. 

I decided to show them that it can do it. I started eating a lot of fruit, sometimes I was seven days only on fruit.

She investigated the cancer and she began to eat almost exclusively fruit and vegetables. 

.Most of all she ate pineapple for bromelain, which claims to ‘eat’ the cancer, and didn’t eat heavy meal. 

She stopped using chemical cosmetics and cleaning products, quit smoking, but has also taken steps to reduce stress in her life.

-Stress, chemicals and animal food products cancer, so I got rid of them.

When after six months she went in for a checkup, they confirmed she is almost completely rid of cancer.

Oncologist Mark Simon, director of the Research Institute of nutritional oncology says:

-Food plays an important role, along with regular exercise, a positive attitude, and even spirituality. 

A fruit such as pineapple contains bromelain which is known to have good effect against cancer.

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