Some people wake up and say that they can sleep for 5 minutes more and bring back the head on a pillow. But there are those who become instantly without any problem.

Fitness coach Craig Ballantine is the author of the formula “10-3-2-1-0” thanks to which everyone can sleep enough and the next morning wake up without any problem.

The formula works as follows:

10 hours before bedtime

It`s the time it takes your bloodstream to clean out the stimulants that contain caffeine. So from that moment on there drinking coffee, energy drinks or chocolate.

3 hours before bedtime

Do not eat or consume alcohol, if you plan to go to bed for 3 hours. Although you at this time, mostly resting, your body is working at full capacity. If you eat late at night it will have to continue to work after you go to bed, and therefore the next morning you will feel tired.

2 hours before bedtime

From now on do not work and not think about work. Leave it for tomorrow – certainly no place to escape!

1 hour before bedtime

From this point on wards there watching television, including a computer or phone!

0 minutes to alarm

Ring! Ring! Turn off the alarm and immediately get out of bed. Do not stand for 5 minutes, because that will not help you feel fresh.

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