Get Rid Of Facial Hair FOREVER : This Recipe Solves The Problem !

Many women have problems with facial hair, whether its hair in the ears, hairs on the ear, or the jaw line, and the hairs on their chin . 

Problem is that after classic waxing when it comes to sensitive part such as face, acne and redness appear .

What is worst of all, the hair always returns, sometimes the same, sometimes more stronger or less, but there is a completely natural solution which women from the Middle East have used for centuries. 

All you need is turmeric , chickpea flour and a little milk or yogurt .

Turmeric deeply cleanses the skin, removes dead cells and other impurities from the skin surface, stimulates the lymph glands and surface blood circulation, and because of its anti-inflammatory action, it eases acne, boosts radiance and natural pH of the skin . 

Middle Eastern recipe to remove facial hair Ingredients :–

2 tablespoons of chickpea flower- 1 teaspoon turmeric- Milk or yogurt , if necessary Turmeric can be found in any well-stocked supermarket or health food shop and you can make  chickpea flour  yourself – in a good coffee mill grind the chickpeas or buy it at the health food store  

Preparation : Mix turmeric and flour of chickpea in the pot and pour a little milk or yogurt to it , as is necessary to unite the ingredients and get a thick mixture .

Apply it to the desired zone in the direction of hair growth and leave for about 20 minutes or until it dries out. 

Rub with a clean cotton cloth or brush dipped in lukewarm water and rinse . 

Notes: Please note that because of the yellow color of turmeric, which will give a nice tone of the face, after treatment you will need to carefully wash your face. 

The treated area may be slightly red, but will subside rapidly due to anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric . 

This treatment should be repeated 3-4 times a week for a month , and the result is phenomenal – the hairs are thinner, not as many  and lighter in and  they will eventually disappear permanently.

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Get Rid Of Facial Hair FOREVER : This Recipe Solves The Problem ! Get Rid Of Facial Hair FOREVER : This Recipe Solves The Problem ! Reviewed by Health Tips on November 16, 2016 Rating: 5
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