My car is essential to my everyday life, without it, I would literally get nowhere.

When our cars act up, it can be a huge inconvenience and our lives come to a grinding halt.

Getting them repaired can be costly and time very time-consuming.

The last thing any of us want to be doing in these winter months is heading to our mechanic and auto parts store. 

Plus, the thought of me having to walk anywhere in these treacherous conditions, really makes me sad.

Sometimes people assume we have to trust the ‘experts’ but you would be shocked by how many of them try to mug you off, and charge you a ridiculous amount of money.

But never fear! That is why we are here to help.

In the video on the next page, there a seven incredibly handy car hacks that might just save you some headache (and cash).  

They are so so simple, virtually any car owner will be able to master them.

These are the answers to some of the most common car conundrums and hopefully,  will save you a lot of stress.

We hope they help!

The laundry basket idea is actually genius! It is so easy and smart.

Don’t forget to let us know which one of these tips is your favorite, we would love to hear from you.

Share these simple hacks with your friends below!

Cars are often an essential part to our everyday lives, so if we can make life a little simpler for everyone, win-win, right? 

Hope you find this useful.

Watch the video here:

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