How to Stop Biting Your Nails FOR GOOD!

The nail-biting is type of bodily reaction to stress and anxiety. 

It is very common behav

ior, and extremely hard to quit. 

However, if you take it for granted and think it isn’t a big deal, you are very likely to fail in making the change.

The first step towards giving up this habit is to boost motivation. 

You should start thinking about the positive aspects of the change. 

For instance, you can start thinking about more attractive looking nails and the possible compliments you will get.

Taking into consideration the fact that nail-biting is type of habit in the first place, replacing it with another one will be very helpful. 

As a matter of fact, developing a new and better habit is the key to dropping out this behavior. 

Chewing gum would be a perfect example. 

It makes your mouth busy and it keeps you distracted. 

This new habit helps a lot, as its implementation makes the nail-biting the last thing that pops on your mind.

There are various methods and tips that can help the passionate “biters” quit this habit for good. 

Consider the following:

Make Your Nails Taste Bitter
This method is probably the most popular and most effective at the same time. 

You can find many different products for this purpose, including creams and nail polishes. 

Just apply the product onto your nail and once you bite it, you will regret it right away. 

The taste is very bitter and gross, something that makes the products itself so effective.  

In addition to this, these “anti-biting” products contain some vitamins which strengthen the nails as well.

If you nails are looking good and are polished all the time, it is very likely that you will try keeping them that way. 

It is recommended to do a more complex manicure, such as decorating the nails with some flowers and similar shapes. 

The fact that you have put an effort to decorate them will make you feel bad about ruining them. 

It sound strange, but it really works!

Wear Gloves

This method is recommended for the most passionate “biters” who don’t find the previous two methods helpful. 

It isn’t the best option in summer, but it is advisable and highly recommended for the rest of the year.  

First of all, think about the situations in which this habit is most obvious. 

For instance, you know that you tend to bite your nails while watching a movie. 

So, the next time you are planning to watch some movie, put on gloves. 

The brain will learn that you have gloves on, and you are very likely to don’t even try biting the nails.

Finally, the most important thing when it comes to dropping out this habit is the consistency and strong will. 

As mentioned above, try thinking about the positive aspects and benefits, so that you stay motivated. 

In addition, try to think about the neative aspects more often. 

This helps you train your brain and be one step closer your final goal.

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