If you have these spots on the peni$, it is a great chance that you have cancer!

November is the month dedicated to raising awareness about male cancers that can be obtained. And it may also be a cancer of the peni$.

The men go to the doctor less often and regular checkups than women, and this is well known. 

Experts believe that the reason that men do not go to the doctor is that they show their vulnerability so, but to them it is important to always feel powerful and good to be able to perform all the other male roles in life. 

But when it comes to their manhood, it is important to know what changes in the peni$ could mean for them.

Cancer of the peni$ is a disease about which men should be conscious. 

If left untreated, can cause death within two years, however, early diagnosis and therapy of this cancer in the largest number of cases can be cured.

These are the signs and symptoms of cancer of the peni$:

– Changes like enlargement or thickening of the peni$ that does not heal in four weeks – may be a thing of the nipple, ulcers or blisters. 

You do not necessarily need to be sick.

– Bleeding from the peni$ or under the foreskin

– Malodorous

– Difficulties in donning the skin

– A rash on the peni$

– Change the color of the peni$ or foreskin.

Symptoms of advanced cancer of the peni$:

– Swollen lymph glands in the groin

– Fatigue

– Abdominal pain

– Pain in the bones

– Weight loss.

Who is most at risk?

– It usually occurs in uncircumcised men over the age of 50 years

– If you smoke, chemicals in cigarettes can damage the DNA in cells of the peni$ and increase the risk of developing cancer

– If you have had or have HPV (the virus that causes genital warts)

– If you have a weakened immunity

– If you have psoriasis and you are at ultrasonic treatment therapy, the risk of cancer of the peni$ is increased.

Although rare cancer of the peni$ is, men should be aware that it is possible, and that can be treated and cured if is detected early. 

Therefore, it is important to react to any change and visit your doctor.

Cancer of the peni$ can be successfully treated and cured, but if symptoms are ignored, the cause could be a death within two years. 

Take it seriously!

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If you have these spots on the peni$, it is a great chance that you have cancer! If you have these spots on the peni$, it is a great chance that you have cancer! Reviewed by Health Tips on November 27, 2016 Rating: 5
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