When you buy toys for your kids people automatically assume they are going to be safe.

The last thing you expect is for them to be riddled with danger and subliminal evil messages.

When this mom from from the U.S called Nicole O’Kelly took her children to go see a Monster Jam they immediately fell in love with the show. 

Naturally, they wanted some of the toys so they could keep the fond memories of the show with them at all times.

Nicole’s son got it in his head that he wanted to buy his 2-year-old baby sister a gift. 

He found a little pink monster truck and thought it would be perfect to take home to the little one.

Nicole though it was such a cute idea that she bought the truck for her son to pass on to his sister. 

Although the toy may look seemingly innocent, turns out there is a much more sinister reference on the toy itself.

It all came flooding back to Nicole when she remembered a  particular episode of Law and Order: SVU…

In the news report below you will hear the horrible and sinister meaning of the symbol printed on the toy.

Understandably, this has rattled parents from all over the world. 

They only way we can stop things like this from making their way into distribution is that if we become better informed.

After seeing this, I would recommend that you check all of your children’s toys, and be extra vigilant when purchasing in future.

This mother got the shock of her life when she remembered where she had seen the symbol, she said she had no idea of what it stood for when she bought the truck. 

I think toy manufacturers need to have more training about being aware of these sinister symbols stand for so that they are not included in any of the toys they produce

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