If you spray milk on your plants here’s the unbelievable effect it will have. I never knew this!

Milk has been a staple in our diets for years, yielding calcium for healthy bones. The benefits of milk stretch far beyond our bodies! The enzymes and proteins that make up the popular dairy product are what make it so versatile. Milk uses extend far beyond the kitchen, many of which may come in handy someday.

A Pesky Stain

Milk is one of the best at-home stain removers! It is exceptionally great for getting out ink stains. Soak the stained article of clothing in milk overnight, rinse and wash on cool for a stain-free shirt. The enzymes in the milk help break down the ink and remove it from the fabric. You can also dab the ink stain with milk for a quick fix if you are on the go.

Makeup Solution

For a more natural approach to makeup-remover, Reader’s Digest suggests using whole milk! Mix the whole milk with a few drops of almond oil and dip a cotton ball in for easy makeup removal. It will also help t cleanse and promote supple skin due to the antioxidants and fatty acids in the milk.

Soothing Your Skin

Summertime is here, which unfortunately means sunburn for many spending time in the great outdoors. Medicine Net suggests milk as a way to ease sunburn discomfort. When applied directly to the burnt area, cool milk poured on a clean cloth will create a protein film. The film will help to reduce pain and soothe the skin on contact. This same remedy also works to dull the pain from bug bites!

Cooling Another Burn

Spicy food isn’t for everyone and the surprise of unexpected heat from a dish can take quite a toll on your taste buds. Your first instinct will be to chug a glass of cold water, but this will make it worse. Next time, grab a drink of milk to ease the burn. Discovery tells us that the casein, a fat compound in milk, binds with the capsaicin oil in spicy foods to wash it away. Water will only increase the spread of the capsaicin oil making the burn even more widespread.

Shining With Milk

Scuff marks on dulled patent leather stand no chance to the powers of milk. All you need to do is mipour some milk on a clean rag, rub the stain and then wipe it clean. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3! Your shoes will be clean and shiny in no time. This solution will also help remove scuffs and shine other patent leather goods, such as purses or couches.

Adding Some Flavor

Milk can also help to improve the flavor of different foods! For a sweeter corn on the cob, add some milk to the pot before cooking your corn. The flavor of fish can also benefit from milk by defrosting to filet in a bowl of milk. The milk bath will add freshness to the fish and get rid of the abundant fishy smell.

When Things Go Sour

If a gallon of milk has spoiled, don’t toss it away just yet! Sour milk is perfect for removing tarnish from silverware. Soak the silverware in the soured milk overnight, wash and rinse to get your silverware looking like-new. Sour milk, when diluted, is also great to increase calcium content in garden beds. Pour it directly onto the soil for the best results.

Greener Gardens

For indoor and outdoor plants, milk can help keep them looking greener! Rather than spending money on chemical based products, Grow Veg suggests that milk is just as powerful. Mix one part milk with nine parts water in a spray bottle and apply directly onto your plants. It will get rid of any mildew and keep fungus from growing on leaves.

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If you spray milk on your plants here’s the unbelievable effect it will have. I never knew this! If you spray milk on your plants here’s the unbelievable effect it will have. I never knew this! Reviewed by World Health Info on November 12, 2016 Rating: 5
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