More than two-thirds of men are obese. 

Is this a sign it’s time for them to change eating habits? 

Men fitness is important in dealing with their daily activity. 

Even more important during sex intercourse! Men and women are very different. 

It is not only in terms of gender, appearance, behavior and reactions but also in terms of nutrition.

A new study involving more than 14,000 participants from 10 states in the United States found that eating meat is higher in men. 

Yes, meat is good for men fitness and sex drive, but for the long run it will cause other implication and will result in bad performance during sex session.

The survey took place through phone call also revealed that women consuming more vegetables and fruits in their diet.

Frozen pizzas, frozen hamburgers and Mexican food are among the food choices of men. 

However, they still tend to take vegetables such as asparagus, Brussels, peas, peanuts and vegetable shoots.

In addition, men also prefer to eat steak, food burgers and eggs. 

These foods usually have a high risk of contamination and potentially make you sick. 

Even worse may cause men to be impotence or even premature ejaculation because their fitness has decreased.

It would be hard to get that fitness again, therefore, in the mean time men need to take medication such as Viagra to help them get the power back to perform sex intercourse with their partners.

Women are more concerns with eating healthy food, which is also evidenced in a recent study by the International Food Information Council Foundation (IFIC). 

Women healthy food intake is not only to maintain the overall health status, but also to improve the condition of their digestive system and sexual drive. 

It will be an obstacle for men during sex because their partners are healthier than them.

There is no difference between men and women views on the types of food consumed. 

It’s clear they have a different priority level and conditions that affect their eating habits and nutrition. 

The result will be bad for men fitness when dealing with sex. 

Women are more reliable and hoping their men would give the best performance during sex. 

However, the outcome usually women would suffer by the failure of their partner to perform. 

Therefore, the only way to give the best sex experience to women, men needs to take medication to enhance their sexual activity.

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