Kill The Cancer Cells With This Fruit Who Is 5 000 Times Stronger Than The Chemotherapy

Only few people around the world know that the soursop fruit is an effective cancer destroyer. 

It can also protect your body from the development of any kind of tumor.

The cancer rates are raising and the conventional treatments are often dangerous and ineffective. 

Therefore, many people start using natural treatments against cancer, as well as against many other difficult diseases. 

According to research, the soursop fruit is much more effective than chemotherapy in the fight against cancer.

Why is this natural treatment ignored?

This treatment is hidden from the cancer patients since the pharmaceutical companies are trying to produce synthetic acetogenin. 

They cannot patent the natural chemicals, so they are making artificial ones to earn money.

These big companies cannot make money from the Nature’s products, so they will not support a research on the chemicals of this plant, until they are able to produce these chemicals in the laboratory. 

However, we can use this fruit in the prevention and treatment of cancer. 

It is completely free and effective.

The evergreen Graviola trees, which produce this fruit, can be found in northern South America, Mexico, the Caribbean islands, Cuba and Central America. 

The fruit, bark, roots and leaves of the plant are all used for the preparation of natural remedies. 

Yet, the acetogenin is most concentrated in the leaves. 

You can eat this fruit or make a juice from it.

The link between the fruit and many different illnesses

The soursop fruit is effective in the treatment of diabetes, since it regulates the blood sugar levels. 

It can also solve problems with the appendix, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, intestines, thyroid, prostate and ovaries. 

It protects from asthma and bronchial diseases, since it destroys the major causes of this problems – dust mites.

The leaves of the plant can cure brain cancer, breast cancer and lung cancer. 

It is effective against malaria as well. 

This fruit also boosts the immune system, which is especially weakened among chemotherapy and AIDS patients.

The power of soursop

According to a research, the leaves and stems of the plant are effective against cancer. 

Even though the research was not published, several other studies were carried out.

According to these studies, acetogenin was effective against cancer cells that were resistant to chemotherapy and multiple drugs. 

These cells were attacked by the chemicals, which resulted in their complete death.

What is more important is that the acetogenin molecules attacked only the cancer cells, not the healthy cells in the body. 

Unlike the acetogenin molecules, chemotherapy attacks both the cancer and the healthy cells.

For instance, the hair and stomach cells are often destroyed by chemotherapy treatments. 

The chemotherapy’s destruction causes hair loss, nausea and weight loss.

Studies carried out in South Korea also confirmed that soursop fruit is more effective than chemotherapy and affects only the cancer cells.

Is Soursop safe for consumption?

The alkaloids in roots and seeds have neurotoxic effects. 

Therefore, it is best to consume the leaves and fruit, instead of the roots and seeds. Pregnant women should not consume this fruit, since it can harm the fetus.

A tip

Even though there are no extensive studies on humans, these fruit shows its effectiveness against cancer and other diseases. 

People must demand further research, since the pharmaceutical companies won’t do anything until they find ways to earn the same amount of money from this fruit as they earn from radiation and chemotherapy.

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