Lack of physical activity is worse than smoking!

Besides smoking physical inactivity is your worst “silent killer”. 

The lack of physical activity climbed to fourth on the list of global causes of death.

Even a small exercise during the day can act very well on the health, and even if you don`t lose some weight it`s can be beneficial. 

The results of the research at Cambridge University showed that walking with normal pace for 25 minutes a day can add an additional three to seven years of age.

How often and where in your daily life do you get the most exercise? 

There’s a worldwide trend of reduced physical activity guided by use of technology, including driving, television, computer and mobile use, according to a recent study.

It comes up with a surprisingly consistent statistic: 

For every 10% rise in what a country spends on information and communications technology, there’s a 1% increase in obesity rates.

Technology doesn’t just keep people in their chairs and on sofas, according to the report from the nonprofit American Health Institute. 

It changes the habbits and the way people eat, – adding even more pounds than the lack of exercise alone would.

A new research recently found that the obesity rate in America has a little to do with the amount of calories that we consume, but rather the lack of exercise that many people are getting. 

While this might be true, an even bigger opponent of the American diet is technology.

It would make sense, too. As technology has made our lives easier, it has also led us to become increasingly sedentary. 

But, technology is here to stay, so the only viable recommendation would be that people improve their dietary habits and exercise more. 

We should take control of our health and health care costs: 

“From encouraging communities to provide safe places for physical activity to ensuring ample supply of healthy food to empowering Americans to take control of their body and health, we must launch a concerted comprehensive effort to control obesity.”

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