List of Foods You Should Never Reheat

Many people are quite used to reheating leftover food in the attempt to not let it go to waste. However, there is some food that when reheated can be dangerous for your health.

The next time to want to reheat your dinner leftovers, make sure the food you`re reheating is not on this list.

Root and Leafy Vegetables

Vegetables such as spinach, celery and lettuce contain nitrates which are very important nutrients for human body. 

However, reheating these vegetables turns the nitrates into nitrites and further nitrites to nitrosamines. 

These substances are known to be carcinogenic so you should avoid reheating these vegetables.

Eggs and Chicken

Reheating once boiled or scrambled eggs is not healthy at all because they can become toxic when exposed to high temperatures, especially once they have been cooked.

Moreover, eating chicken the next day after you have prepared it can be dangerous because the proteins contained in the meet change and can cause digestive problems. 

You should also bear in mind the fact that chicken meat contains more proteins than red meat. 

So, if you have leftover chicken simply consume it cold or if you want to reheat it, do it on very low heat.


Potatoes are very healthy end tasty vegetable. 

But once peeled and cooked, the potato should not sit longer than a day or so because it can become toxic. 

This could lead to food poisoning.


Mushrooms are rich in vitamins and minerals. 

But you should not reheat them in any case. 

You should eat them immediately after you have prepared them because they get spoiled very quickly and reheating them is very bad idea because it can cause digestive problems.

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