If you do not understand the warnings seriously and go regularly to dermatologists to check every mole, every change on the skin, but also protect from the sun’s rays, it is possible to be fatal to your life. But then it will be too late.

You should not ignore moles on the skin even though they may be benign now, you never know when it will become malignant. However, most of us ignore the warnings of experts and do not control the moles, or use adequate protection when exposed to sunlight. 

Look carefully at the picture above. On it you can see two moles. Unfortunately, one of them is a time bomb, which is not known when and whether it will ever explode.

It is about this right, reddish mole, who actually looks more like a pimple or zit, but it is always there.

Photo sent us a reader who, because of this and many other red spots on his body, he must see a dermatologist at least once in 6 months.

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