Hot Dogs are full of salt

All kinds of hot dogs no matter what they are full of fats and sodium. There is something that can be considered healthy hot dog because they contain large amounts of sodium that is bad for our health, and we enter that in our body by hot dogs.

Chicken hot dogs are not healthy

If you like chicken or turkey hot dogs just because you thing they have less fat, you may be right about the fat, but you still need to be careful, because manufacturers usually add fat to them. Suppose turkey hot dogs have two grams of saturated fat and 99 calories, or have 500 mg of salt, while chicken have as much as 600 mg of salt, which is almost a third of the recommended daily intake.

Hot Dogs are full of nitrates

Hot dogs usually have added nitrates and nitrities and additives that increase the life period of the food. They have increased intake of sodium nitrate is associated with a higher risk of getting cancer.

Hot Dogs are not organic

It’s very hard to find a hot dog that is made from clean meat and organically grown meat that don’t have antibiotics or hormones.

Hot Dogs are bad for pregnant women

The hot dogs often develop bacteria listeria, which causes the creation of disease listeriosis. This disease can lead to miscarriage, birth of dead babies, and many other serious health problems.

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