The hemorrhoids affect a large number of people. 

They are in fact a set of varicose veins and inflammations of rectal and anal veins that, apart from being annoying, can also be very painful.

The causes that provoke this condition are very diverse and among them are the constipation, the straining during bowel movement, or certain diseases.

The hemorrhoids can be internal, just inside of the anus, or external, when they occur outside of the anus and their symptoms are bleeding, anal pain, pain during defecation and hard and sensitive protuberances near the anus.

There are various natural treatments that can help alleviate this painful condition such as tips on how to handle constipation and diarrheas, to avoid the straining when defecating, to apply ice or cold compresses in order to reduce the swelling or how to maintain good anal hygiene, which can all help ease the pain and swelling.


1 potato

1 teaspoonful of olive oil.


Grate the potato, add the olive oil and mix it up.

 The usage for the external hemorrhoids:

Put a little bit of the mixture in a piece of gauze and put it on the painful anal area, leaving it on during the night.

Remove in the morning.

 The usage for the internal hemorrhoids:

Slice the potato in small pieces as a suppository, grease it up with olive oil and introduce it into the anus.

Leave it on during night.

The potato will expel itself with the next dregs.

The potato reduces the pain and acts as a natural astringent.

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