All of us are late sometimes, but there are people who are constantly late. 

We are usually annoyed by this, while the people who are chronically late don’t try to change this bad habit. 

Find out why is this so!

No matter what, some people are chronically late for every event and meeting, even though it is their obligation. 

Even though it seems that it’s their choice, studies have shown that chronic lateness is a deeply rooted personality trait. 

These people come late for every event, regardless of whether they consider it as important or unimportant.

However, studies have shown that such persons can do more things at the same time, but it is also unrealistic to assess their options and take a lot of responsibility on themselves, making them fail to complete them all.

Psychologists say that these people should not be characterized as lazy, negligent or unproductive. The real problem is totally different. 

Studies also show that people who are late usually have more optimistic view of the world.

Their optimism makes them be late, because they always think they have enough time and that they can achieve more.

Optimists do have many advantages. 

They are rarely stressed out, they have clear thoughts and rarely have problems with cardiovascular diseases or decline in their immune function.

Optimistic people are more relaxed in social situations. 

They often achieve their goals easily compared to the stressed people. 

It is important to know how to react when someone is late.

For example, in Germany and the United States punctuality is highly appreciated, while in Spain and Latin America this is not so important. 

So don’t judge people who are chronically late, you can even learn something from them, for example, how to always be positive and spare yourself from unnecessary stress.

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