This is a terrible family story.

Almost everyone today can become a parent, but the question whether they are able to do so. 

This is definitely a mother who should never become a parent. 

Melissa Wright has put her 14-month old baby Ashley in the oven, and previously it was heated to 300 degrees. 

The girl suffered third-degree burns, and thanks to Ashley’s father, she survived. 

He fortunately found her in the oven. 

She spent her entire childhood in hell, hiding from the environment and constantly going to the surgery. 

Thanks to 10-year long period of interventions, Ashley now has no scar, which is really unreal.

She is now 15 years old and has grown into a beautiful girl. 

She has a vague emotions for her mother, neither hates nor loves her, even though she has forgiven her…

Watch the video below and see how Ashley looks today.

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