The monsoon season causes insects breed, making flies and mosquitoes a big issue among people as they spread diseases and cause problems about hygiene. 

Flies are a greater problem ad they annoy the hell out of us. 

Also, it is very unhealthy to consume food polluted by flies. 

Thus, we need to get rid of them as soon as possible. 

This trick will do the job.

Due to their sticky feet, flies can be found sitting in various places like poop and dirt. 

Then, later on, they sit on the food and pollute it.

For this reason you need to follow these simple steps. 

You will need a Ziploc bag, water, lemon juice, salt, and some pennies. 

Take 2.5 glasses of water, mix some lemon and salt in it and then put the mixture into the Ziploc bag until it is almost full. 

Then, drop at least 5 pennies in the bag.

How does this happen?

There is a scientific theory behind this, and that is the mixture helps in shining the pennies. 

So when we put the pennies inside the Ziploc bag full of the mixture, they will get shiny. 

And as soon as the sunlight falls on them and due to the shine there will be a reflection.

As it is said that the flies fly with the help of the direction of the sunlight and by giving the reflection of the pennies they will get distracted and will instead fly away.

Hope you like this, and it will be actually helpful for you in getting rid of the flies. 

So go ahead and try but first share this with everyone.

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