She Puts THIS In Her Socks Before Going To Bed. The Reason Will Amaze You!

You are constantly tired; you feel like no make can cover your dark eye circles, your skin is dry. 

You feel constant fatigue, digestive system problems, like constipation, migraines, headaches, hormone imbalance, infertility, anxiety, depression, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, skin problems, etc, it means that your body needs detoxification.

These signs say that your body is intoxicated with bad substances. This condition of the organism makes you an ideal candidate for viruses and flu.

Detoxification is process is made to clean the body from toxic, chemicals, substances from pesticide deposits, GMO products, pharmaceutical drugs, chemotherapy remains, free-radicals, heavy metals, radiation, aluminum, etc. 

Detoxification process is nothing serious and should not scare you, but will provide you clean body free of toxins with a special diet.

There is no special period when you should make the detoxification, every time is good time. 

The organism will strengthen, you will have more energy, you can lose some pounds, and you will solve some skin problems.

If you want to improve your general health, you should make onion poultice for your legs before going to bed.

Onion for Body Detox and Improving Your Health

This unusual treatment method is not a modern tale. 

It has been used by many ancient civilizations that used it to treat many illnesses when there were no drugs we can buy today. 

This popular recipe can help your legs treat other problems as well. 

You will clean your body from toxins, boost circulation and the immune system, which will fight bacteria and viruses.

All that you need is onion and plastic wrap.

Cut the onion on slices and place it on the plastic wrap. Wrap around your legs, and if you want you can put cotton socks.

All people who have poor blood circulation should try this treatment.

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She Puts THIS In Her Socks Before Going To Bed. The Reason Will Amaze You! She Puts THIS In Her Socks Before Going To Bed. The Reason Will Amaze You! Reviewed by Health Tips on November 11, 2016 Rating: 5
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