You’ve seen it, heard about it, and perhaps done it? Yes, it’s mainstream in our society these days, but really, why do foxes and vixens stray? Simply put, why do men and women cheat?

It’s quite surprising how people tend to avoid answering this question when asked. It’s either they’d assume the “don’t ask me, I’m not a cheater” mode, or “I don’t know, I don’t like cheating” stance. Have you asked yourself that? To buy you some time, here are the top 4 reasons on my list:


Getting into a relationship is a roller coaster ride but when one has gone past the twist and turns and heads out on a straight path instead, the ride may get boring and makes one decide to find and experience another more exciting ride. Or on the other side, the twists and turns may make one sick and puke. Similarly, when couples reach past the thrill of being with each other, one may end up dissatisfied with another and thus find the thrill in someone else. Or the challenges a couple might face may be too much for one, especially the faint-heart and the unguarded, then seeking satisfaction and comfort from someone else, rather than facing the obstacles head-on. These challenges may present itself as discovering the bad side of a partner, getting into constant arguments and disagreements, loss of ‘amour’, having experienced being cheated on and does the curse to someone else for revenge, and so on. The faint-heart won’t have the courage to face a break-up and will want to keep the relationship while fooling around and pursuing the thrill from someone else.


A famous psychologist by the name of Abraham Maslow created a theory on the hierarchy of needs. It describes by level what motivates an individual to survive, prosper, and seek fulfillment in life. If needs are not met in each level, one cannot go on to the next. People sometimes enter into relationships to search fulfillment, whether physical or emotional, from the other and yield to the overused words “You complete me”. However, humans as we are, we cannot always meet the needs and wants of the other (unless one is a superhero) ’cause yes, even the best fall down sometimes. This leads the itched one to find gratification, again physical or emotional, from someone else. To state a few examples, this can be someone in a relationship who enters a third-party because of money, lack of attention from a partner, ‘not good enough’ traits, ‘no more time for each other’, sexual satisfaction from someone hot, and you name it.


Having a vanilla ice cream gives a taste of heaven and perfection for someone who claims it as a favorite. But when one gets a treat of vanilla ice cream every single day, sooner or later, the magic of the flavor will vanish and it will then be deemed typical, common, and familiar. Introduced with a strawberry flavor, it becomes a new favorite, exciting one’s senses and bringing one on cloud nine once more, then it’s “I still love vanilla ice cream, but strawberry flavor is just irresistible”. Put that logic in relationships and the statement ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ might be any truer. The cheater might justify that there’s no more sparks, new-found excitement from another, and a whole lot of reasons. Geez, reasons.


“For the lust of it” Oops, was it “for the love of it” rather? Anyhow, what else could be top 1 on my list? You’ve read that right! Temptation and/or lust. It’s one thing to be tempted, it’s another to give in to lust. They say ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’. 

Maybe, maybe not. Getting down to the root of it all, people cheat because they are tempted to cheat and there’s this raging lust within that’s waiting to be unleashed to someone else other than the partner. Respectable and wealthy men with hookers, wives of overseas husbands on secret affairs and vice versa, people on long distance 

relationships tied up with someone on the same disposition, egotistical maniacs using cheating to boost one’s self-esteem, I could go on, but I’m sure you know a lot more examples. One can state several reasons for cheating yet there will always be temptation and lust involved.

On a more serious note though, no reason can justify the act of disloyalty by someone committed to a relationship. Talk about commitment, it’s something a lot of people struggle these days, but that’s another story. If a couple would personally follow God as an example and together put Him at the center of their relationship, then it should suffice to continue flourishing and growing together as twain.

So why do foxes and vixens stray?  Simply because they took a bite of the forbidden fruit. Hey wait, do they even eat fruits? :))

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