The Best Sex Positions For Your 30s, 40s, 50s, And 60s!!

The Best and Safe Lovemaking Positions at Every Age

In a healthy relationship, it is important to feel both emotional and physical closeness. However, as people age, their bodies often began to decline physically, so it can be difficult to physically interact with your partner in the same way. 

Though it can be difficult to maintain your physical relationship, it is an important part of a healthy relationship, and it cannot be ignored. 

You may not be as physically active as you were in your 20s, but emotional maturity and an increase in confidence will ensure that lovemaking is still extremely enjoyable. 

Depending on the age of you and your partner, certain positions will be more pleasurable and attainable. 

While maintaining your love life, you should consider trying out these positions.

Couples in their 30s

Most couples in their 30s are beginning to settle down and consider children. 

Pregnancy is a unique time for a woman that results in bodily changes that also affect physical closeness. 

According to a 2011 study by United Kingdom researchers, 25 percent of pregnant women feel pain throughout their hips and lower back, and this pain can remain present for up to two years after giving birth. 

This happens because pregnancy puts a lot of stress on the joints of the spine and pelvis bones. 

The skeletal and joint pain caused by pregnancy can make it difficult for pregnant women and new mothers to enjoy physical experiences with their partner. 

Therefore, many therapists recommend that couples try positions in which the man is kneeling behind the woman who puts her weight on her knees and forearms. This puts the spinal column and pelvis joints in a neutral position that will prevent the woman from feeling any sort of discomfort. 

Another useful position is one that requires the couple to lay on their side while facing each other. 

This allows the woman to control movement, so she is not put into any situations where she is feeling discomfort.

Couples in their 40s

The 40s is the age where many people first start noticing the physical aches and pains that come with aging. 

A common complaint is pain in the lower back, hips, and legs which is caused by the sciatic nerve being compressed. 

Most couples struggle to find positions that avoid physical discomfort while still being interesting enough to keep the spice in a relationship. 

One good way to take pressure off of the sciatic nerve is a position that involves the male partner lying on his back while the female partner sits on top of him and faces towards his feet.

This position is comfortable for both partners, and it is often new enough to stimulate interest even in a long term relationship. 

People in their 40s can also try a variation of the all fours position mentioned for couples in their 30s.

In this position, the man continues to kneel behind the woman as she rests her weight on her forearms and knees, but she stacks a few pillows underneath her chest. 

The pillows provide support for the spine, ribcage, and shoulder bones, so no pressure is put on them during lovemaking.

Couples in their 50s

During their 50s, many women go through menopause, and men may experience an inability to maintain stamina. 

This presents a unique set of challenges for a couple who is trying to sustain physical closeness. 

Part of these problems can be solved through lubricant and medication, but changing up your typical positions is also helpful. 

A sitting position where the female is facing her partner and sitting on his lap is one of the best choices. 

This allows the woman to control the movement and take it slowly enough for her comfort. 

Couples may also benefit from a position in which the woman is laying on her back with a pillow beneath her hips as the man lies on top of her. 

This position makes it easier for the man to access everything even if his stamina levels are not the same, and the pillow provides more cushioning for aching joints or hip bones.

Couples in their 60s

Over a third of people in their 60s suffer from osteoarthritis, and this condition prevents them from putting pressure on knees and joints.

Couples may struggle to find positions where they can move freely without encountering pain. 

Therefore, doctors recommend a standing position where the woman is leaning against a piece of furniture and facing away from her partner. 

This prevents any excess pressure or weight from being put on aching joints and bones. 

For couples suffering from spine pain, a position that involves the man lying on his back as the woman straddles him and faces him is also good because it uses the hips to control movement instead of the spine.

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