Have you ever had nickel allergy?

That is the allergy of the new era and if you sometimes notice some change on your skin you might know what the issue is.

Susanne McKenzie noticed rash on her wrist.

The affected place has been irritated and caused scratching.

She did not know why it appeared and went to the doctor’s.

He said that nickel is to be blamed for his.

Thus he taped a nickel battery on her back and in some time the rush reappeared on her wrist.

She discovered that she is not the only person with this condition.

1 in 5 people in America are allergic to nickel. More than 11 million children have it.

What is the reason?

It is the electronic instruments.

With the technology occupation which grows bigger each day we are constantly being surrounded with them.

For that reason nickel is tough to be excluded from them.

The reason why Susanne had the rash was because she touched to a hand electronic fitness instrument. Nickel can appear in earrings, bracelets, things made of stainless steel, electronic instruments, mobile phones, lap tops, and tablets.

Nickel allergy is unavoidable in the 21st century, thus doctors recommend that wristwatches and bracelets loosen a bit in order to avoid skin irritation from them.

There is a certain type of food which causes the allergy including: soya, soya sauce, tofu cheese, powder cocoa, sea shells, lentil soup, cashew nuts, and figs.

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