The solution to cold fingers and toes!!

Narrowed blood vessels, lack of nutrients and coldness are some of the most common causes of poor blood circulation in the fingers. 

A balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, physical activity and other methods of heating can help the body.

Are your fingers and toes often cold? 

The main reason is the reduced blood flow to the arms and legs. 

The reasons for this can be very different. 

But the most common causes include unhealthy living conditions, exposure to cold and inadequate nutrition.

The main thing is to establish the correct diagnosis. 

Let the doctor help, but you think about the possible causes:


Over the years, blood vessels may become stiffer and tighter. 

It interferes with healthy blood circulation, especially in the extremities. 

And this is actually the main cause of why older people have cold hands and feet.

Raynaud’s disease:

In cold weather the blood vessels in the legs and arms are tightened. But this contraction can occur if you are exposed to physical or mental stress. 

If this goes on for too long doctors refer to it as Raynaud’s syndrome. 

It is a very serious disease in which the fingers turn literally blue and there is a possibility of amputation.

Thickening of the arteries

Arteriosclerosis, where hardening or thickening of the artery walls, causing poor blood circulation. 

The cause could be a high level of cholesterol or diseases such as diabetes.

Bad nutrition

A diet low in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids causes long-term damage to the arteries, veins and capillaries. 

Damaged blood vessels can’t supply the organs properly, especially the hands and feet.


Cloths in veins can occur and that can lead to inflammation of the veins. This is known as venous thrombosis.

Special circumstances and diseases

Pregnancy, diabetes, high pressure, high cholesterol… can also interfere with circulation and cause cold fingers and toes.

What can we do to solve the problem ?

• First make changes in your lifestyle.

• Eat a healthy diet and take up regular and moderate exercise. You’ll feel a big change.

• If you are exposed to cold, do everything to maintain your body temperature.

• Wear gloves and warm woolen clothing. Be physically active, this will help hold heat.

• For quick recovery eat fresh ginger.

• Stop smoking or avoid smoky rooms.

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