If you refuse to give up these household things, you are in danger!. 

You may be surprised by this article, but not the only food that has a shelf life. 

Our homes are full of things that after a certain time can be “corrupt” and even life-threatening.

These are things that should not have them beside you in a while:

Slippers – change them every six months

Maybe they are incredibly comfortable, but you should frequently wash and change them every six months, because they represent a perfect environment for the spread of fungal infections.

Pillows – change them every 2-3 years

Pillows change shape and you can get pain in the neck.

Hair brush

Not only should be cleaned once a week, but should be changed every year.

Sponges- change them every two weeks

One of the most demanding things on the list are sponges, because they produce fungi every two weeks. 

If you want to change, you can boil them in boiling water and get rid of the bad things that stick with them.

Towels – change them a year or two

And imagine, even regular washing cannot prevent the production of bacteria.

Toothbrush – reverse the every three months.

Is recommended to change the toothbrush after flu, to reduce the chance to get sick again.

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