Nature is an incredible source of wonder and intrigue, but sometimes what nature has to offer is more horrifying and eerie than anything else. One couple from East Lancashire, England, recently discovered how true that can be. They awoke on the morning of Halloween, and outside their home they discovered a surprising and creepy sight. The couple lived on a sheep farm near Trawden, and the road that ran through their farm had a stone wall that ran alongside it. On that stone wall were tremendous spider webs that had been created by hundreds of spiders. In total, the spider web took up more than 30 feet of the stone wall.

The spiderweb itself was only part of the creepiness. Covering the spiderweb were thousands of baby spiders. They had clearly only recently hatched, and the presence of the spiders and the web made for a perfect natural Halloween decoration. The couple told local reporters that they had seen webs and moths out in their fields before, but never anything as dramatic as the spider infestation.

It is believed that the spiders were members of the species Dictyna aurndiancea, which is one of the most common spiders found in the United Kingdom. The unseasonably warm weather late in the year is thought to be the reason for the extraneous web-spinning and egg-laying. Like other spider webs, these will quickly disappear as the spiders leave and spread out, but they remain some of the thickest and most beautiful webs ever captured on film.

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