There are people who think that fashion is the most important thing, given that for them personal style can be a way of standing out in the crowd.

Whether you’ll come across as a successful person or someone quite messy and unkempt, it depends on what people from your environment consider acceptable and what you can tell is your style.

We are making this clear because we know that many of you have children, cousins and other young relatives that can acquire certain disgraceful characteristics once they enter the puberty.

A brief history of saggy pants

For many people, particularly in the male prisons during the eighties, this was a way to expose one’s behind to the other inmates or even the guards inside these facilities.

That way, the moment they saw an inmate with his pants sagging, they knew he was looking for action and they were more than willing to carry it out. 

Nevertheless, it’s not quite clear how this fashion expanded on the streets, but there have been rumors that it is due to the gangsters coming in and out of prison.

Nowadays thousands of young people are being rebellious and wearing their pants like that, but for their parents and many other adults that is just a risky way of losing your pants on the street, unless you put a belt on.

We are discussing this issue so that you can help the young people you know are into this fashion and tell them the real story behind the sagging-pants habit. 

Our goal is not to make them wear trousers that reach their necks, but at least try to convince them to wear the ones reaching the waist, without having to make an every-day exhibition of what kind of underwear they have on.

We hope that you like the article and that you have learned something new you can share with your loved ones or parents trying to watch after their children and prevent them from going off track.

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