This Is Your Favorite $ex Position According To Your Zodiac Sign

We all have our preferences when it comes to being intimate with others. But did you know that a lot of the kinky things you like are actually based on your zodiac sign?

There's a lot that can be said as well as some other things go without saying, that we all like to explore different pieces of our sexuality.

Just as long as you are doing it safely and in a way that you're having fun. That's the whole point of sex after all is to learn something new about your partner, exploring each others worlds, and having fun with each other.

So, what is your go to position based on your zodiac sign?

1. Capricorn: Any Position Just As Long As There's Some BDSM

Capricorn's really love to let their hair down when it comes to sex and it's one of the only ways that they are truly able to expressive themselves.

However, control is a very important thing to them when they want to be intimate, so don't hesitate to be the person that makes them beg for what they want most.

Getting permission from their lover is a crazy turn on, so experiment a little bit with this piece of them.

2. Aquarius: They Create Their Own Positions

Aquarius are the ones that will always surprise you when it comes to sex. They can actually be very unpredictable and keep you guessing for long periods at a time as to what they might do the next time they see you.

Doing the same thing over and over again is very boring and an Aquarius constant need for something new as well as their natural drive for adventure keeps them clever when being intimate. Some of the best sex partners you could have.

3. Pisces: Lying On Their Side

Pisces prefer their intimacy to be a very close experience between them and the other person. This position specifically is their favorite because it hits all the right spots, making them swoon for you more and more.

They also don't mind a little bit of spooning which gives them the same feeling as lying on their side. Just as long as a Pisces is close to you, feeling all the emotions then everything is as it should be.

4. Aries: Definitely Doggy Style

Aries can fulfill the dominant role when it comes to being intimate with their partner. They have no problem at all making sure that the both of them are on the exact same page as well as not shying away from telling their partner do exactly as they say.

However, expect a lot less cuddles from an Aries because what they are after most is going for the powerful, quick, and dirty approach to being intimate.

5. Taurus: Love To Spoon

A Taurus prefers to take their time when it comes to being intimate with their lover. They like to be detailed about everything that they do with their partner, making sure that every single inch of their body has been dealt with.

Going fast with a Taurus won't give you the satisfaction you're looking for, in fact, they just love the experience of being intimate with you. You could climax or not, just as long as you both get to spoon afterwards.

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