our productivity is significantly affected by your quality of sleep. 

If you are unable to get a good night’s rest, most likely your productivity will turn out very low. 

However, if you were able to take a good rest, it increases not only your level of productivity but it also brightens up your mood. 

If you feel like your body is not getting enough rest, here are a few tips on how to have a better quality of sleep:

Take smart naps.

Some people are reckless with their napping. Whenever they feel tired, they immediately take a nap without thinking that it can affect their quality of sleep. 

Smart napping should be observed if you want to have a better quality of sleep. 

This means, you have to take your nap early in the afternoon and it should last only for thirty minutes. 

Doing so will lessen your risk for insomnia.

Avoid distractions.

Distractions can keep you awake until unholy hours. 

Watching television, using your computer or mobile phone can keep you from getting much needed hours of rest. 

As you retire for the day, avoid these nasty distractions. 

If you have a television set inside your room, it is better if you move it to another area in your house. 

This way, you won’t be tempted to use it.

Keep yourself comfortable.

If your bed is too cramped for you, not only will you have a poor quality of sleep, but you are also putting yourself at risk for injuries. 

Do you want to wake up with a painful neck or a sore back? 

If not, then invest in a new mattress. You will thank yourself for it.

Sleep is an important body process. 

If you do not get a better quality of sleep, even your health will suffer. 

By observing these three simple steps, you can rest better and live better.

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