Hospital is the only place which gives the good news and also the bad one. While several people are upset about someone falling ill or being on the hospital bed fighting a deadly disease, others are filled with tears of joy for a baby born. But some parents have to deal with both situations at the same time, which is why Milli, a new mother had a new idea and here is the whole story.

Milli after giving birth to twins Skye and Callie, unfortunately, lost one of her twins who she had named Skye and was a baby girl. She died as she was suffering from an incurable disease. She was left heartbroken when a mother while trying to deal with her twins, looked to Milli’s one baby and said “You’re so lucky you haven’t got twins.”

Milli was pregnant with twins several weeks after pregnancy she got to know that one of her twins would not be able to survive long because of a condition known as anencephaly which has no cure yet. The devastated couple held Skye close to their heart for almost 3 hours.

Now the idea came

To Milli, the mother, that in order for parents to avoid such remarks, a symbol must be designed so people know that they have suffered a loss of a baby or babies in multiple pregnancy. A symbol for babies in the neonatal ward, one representing babies who’d lost a twin brother or sister.

And the symbol was ‘Purple Butterfly.’

Her efforts paid off. After tireless campaigning, Milli’s hard work was rewarded when purple stickers started popping up in hospitals.

They did suffer a loss but then came with the idea of easing other parents’ pain.

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