What Can Tell The Shape Of Your Nose About Your Personality?

Allegedly, the shape of your nose can have many different meanings- or it can determinate the level of energy one person has or the lifestyle. 

Also it can determinate the emotional life of a person.

The size and width of the nose can refer the picture that everyone has of himself in subconscious.

People have different type of noses, and it is not that simple to classify them in a particular group.

So are there any links with the nose and the personalities and some basic features of our character?

No matter do you believe or not, in addition we have an article dedicated to the nose shapes and the meanings. 

Where do you belong?

Perky nose

Legendary actress Marilyn Monroe has that kind of nose. 

People who have this kind of nose are optimistic, friendly and full of spirit. 

They are passionate, especially for new things.

Roman nose

Abraham Lincoln had a Roman nose. 

Many great leaders have this nose, it shows that this people have strong personality, good influence on other and are very effective and well-organized.

Greek nose

A real example for this kind of nose is Sean Penn. 

People who have flat noses are skilled, intelligent and inspiring. 

They act very well in moment of crisis and perfectly control their emotions.

Small nose

The best example is Muhammad Ali or Wayne Rooney. 

It is believed that these men are witty, and sometimes react too quickly.

Egyptian or a big nose

Barak Obama has this type of nose, and this type of people always looking for something new, without prejudice. 

They are charismatic and attract with their energy. 

Sometimes they can be too sensitive.

Hooked or bent nose

It is kind of nose that John Lennon had. 

People who have hooked or bent nose always follow their own path and do not allow anything to affect on them. 

They are very enthusiastic when it comes to their plans and goals.

Wavy” or bumpy nose

Wavy nose is mainly a consequence of injury. 

In addition to injuries, this kind may be as a result of genetics. 

Owen Wilson has that type of nose. 

People with this type are fun and delight.

Straight nose

People with such a nose are always willing to help, but sometimes they are a little short tempered.

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