We all sleep differently. 

Some of us fall asleep once they put their head on the pillow; others are suffering until dawn to fall asleep. 

There are different types of slippers. Here, it is very important to mention the way we sleep.


1. The one who constantly talks

With this type of slippers the sedation can be very interesting, because you can hear a lot of stories. 

These people usually tell everything that was happening during the day, or they may tell some problem that bothers them. 

Sometimes you can ask them something and they can answer you.

2. The one who snores

Unfortunately, these people cannot control the snoring, no matter how many times you will nudge them, or tell them to turn to the side. 

This process can be caused by excessive fatigue or it can be pathological.

3. A deep sleeper

These people are sleepers in true sense. 

They fall asleep so tightly, that they cannot be awakened even with noises, storms or earthquakes. 

They enjoy sleeping several times a day.

4. Sleeping under stress

According to them sleeping is a waste of precious time. 

They can wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning to finish a project.


During the night we do not sleep as it should be and we make a lot of mistakes. 

How can we correct them in order to wake up bright and rested:

-We should use the pillow only for the head;

-We should sleep on our stomach;

-We should not drink alcohol;

-We should have certain time to sleep

-We should not sleep longer during the weekends

-We should not sleep on a mattress that is older than us

-We should not sleep with pet.

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