What Does the Way You Kiss Say About Your Relationship?

Everyone expresses affections in a different way. 

Did you know that the way you kiss can tell a lot about you and the relationship?

Read this article and you will find out what is your kissing style and characteristics.

The Gentle Kiss

Both people kiss the other very lightly on the lips and without applying very much pressure. 

It is a kiss that shows teasing and satisfaction. 

Also, it expresses a deep level of comfort to practice such control with a gentle kiss.

The Peck

This could have been your first kiss because it is quick and people keep their lips closed. 

This kind of a kiss is for people who kiss for the first time or just started dating someone and they are testing the waters.

Single Lip Kiss

This is very intimate kiss and it is all about love. 

This kiss is a shared experience and shows a deeper love for one another.

French Kiss

The French kiss is close and personal. 

Once you do that, there will be no secrets between you two.

Sloppy Kiss

This kind of kiss can be fun and it shows that you two really don’t care how you look to others. 

Nothing else matters more to you than your love for each other.

Kiss on the Cheek

This kiss is a sign of a strong friendship and affection for another person, no matter if they are kisses exchanged between friends or lovers.

Closed Mouth Kiss

A dry kiss with closed mouth can signify that people need to work on their communication skills and be more open to each other.

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