What Is Hidden In A Bottled Water??

The popularity of bottled water every year is increasing but a significant percentage of people are convinced that the water from the bottle is much better than tap water . 

However , is that true ?

Considering all we could say that bottled water is not clean as we thought. 

This water can be worse than tap water but also it can be same as a tap water.

People buy bottled water precisely because they believe that it is completely clean also bottled water may contain harmful things :

– Coliform bacteria ; rod-shaped bacteria such as E. 

coli  generally  they are present in the human intestine.

– Arsenic – a poison.

– Chlorides ; chloride is a compound of chlorine.

This substance is used for the disinfection of tap water.

– Iron ; metal element ; Iron is necessary to the body but not in excessive quantities.

– Manganese; very similar to iron and is used in fertilizers.

– Phenols ; corrosive , toxic and acid components.

– Zinc; metal element ; body needs zinc but not in large quantities.

– Fluoride ; intentionally are added to some bottled water but it should be noted on the label.

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