Children will often react in a number of given ways when their parents get divorced. 

They may get angry, lash out at the parent they believe is responsible, or even remain completely unphased.

Morgan Lynn reacted slightly differently to the norm. 

The teenager from Texas decided to post her parents’ divorce on social media. 

Which I suppose is what we can come to expect from children of divorce now given the boom of social media and its presence in our lives.

While the teenager didn’t include the reason behind her parents’ divorce, it seems almost irrelevant when you learn what it is exactly she posted online.

She didn’t take to social media to post an angry rant about her parents’ divorce and how terrible the ordeal is. 

Instead, she posted about what happened on the day that their divorce was finalized.

In an unexpected turn of events, the pictures Morgan shared are actually a rather beautiful reminder that while some relationships aren’t meant to last forever, that doesn’t mean they necessarily have to end in anger and bitterness.

She wrote on Twitter: “My parents, after 19 years of being married, were going through a divorce… and it got finalized today,”

Her dad sent a bouquet of her mom’s favourite flowers along with a note which reads “Always Gonna Be You, Jason”

Morgan is touched by the responses to her parents’ situation, and has said “I believe that everyone is seeing true love through this tweet.”

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