You can Preserve Your Sight by Avoiding Some Everyday Habits

Our body constantly faces a series of negative influences that can harm it.

Our organism can’t defend by itself   from all of the harmful effects, and because of that, our body adapts to them over time.

Short-sightedness, for example, occurs during the prolonged viewing at a close.

In 1900 only 6% of the world’s population was short-sighted, but now almost 60% of all people have problems with a kind of myopia (nearsightedness).

For example, in Japan, the percentage of teenagers who are short-sighted is a whopping 90%.

You can become short-sighted with improper use of your eyes. 

People with myopia often use their eye-muscles in one position for too long, and by doing that, their eyes become used to watching only nearby objects, which reduces the ability to viewing remotely.

It is the same with foresight. If you have a prolonged viewing at a distance, your eyes will adjust of making less effort and your vision will deteriorate. 

These are just a pair of the many adjustments, that the body makes.

A broken bone can heal, a tooth can heal from decay and eyes can have  their natural sight back

There are various methods for restoring  a healthy and sharp vision, and the most serious of all is the persistence and practice. 

Everyone’s sight can be corrected with natural exercises. This will take time of course. 

If some people need months, others will need  years to get their perfect sight again.

There is one very important advice for everyone who is reading or watching a computer with glasses and lenses – Never do that in a less than 50 cm nearness, because otherwise you will have a degradation of your sight.

Looking in a blurred zone is healthy and useful, it is not as bad as ophthalmologists say

Blurred zone is a part of your sightlines which  you don’t see clearly. 

Among the parts that you see clearly and the part that it turbid, there is an imaginary border. 

The aim of the exercises that improve sight is to push the imagined boundaries further until your vision becomes perfect.

For people who suffer from myopia, the  blurred zone is usually located at a distance of half a meter or less. 

With the foresight, that zone is usually everything that is closer to half a meter.

It is very important that you often take off your glasses or contact lenses, and to look into your blurred zone. 

The less you look, the less you will see. 

Even if everything is blurry, do not be afraid to look and of course, accept what you see. 

The aim of looking into the blurred zone is to stimulate the strengthening of links and to send signals  from the eyes to the  brain. 

In no case, you should force yourself too hard to get a better view. You just need to relax, breathe properly and, of course, blink.

Here are the 5 habits which regularly spoil vision:Ss

1. Watching movies on a laptop or tablet 

Although it is practical and funny, you need to stop watching movies and series, or reading for a long time from a laptop or tablet, because it is very harm for your eyes.

Close to a screen that is only 20 to 30 inches away from your face tires your eyes significantly, and you may get a headache too. You should often make a pause of 5 minutes and look into the distance.

“Too little blinking while working on the computer, dries your eyes and causes an irritation, such as burning and itching of the eye. ”

2. Going to the sun without sunscreen

In addition to harming your skin, UV radiation is very dangerous for your eyes and can cause various diseases.

During the late spring and summer months, when UV rays are strongest do not forget to put sunglasses whose lenses have adequate protection. 

Wear goggles during the summer, even if it is a semi cloudy.

3. Reading while driving

The long ride can be quite boring, but instead of reading, you need to do something else.  If you are reading while you are on the ride, your eyes will be constantly moving, trying to catch a focus

Due to the fact that your hands are moving constantly during the ride, your eyes will have a lot more burden than during an ordinary reading, which is why you can feel a headache and blurred vision.

4. Insufficient blinking in front of a computer 

How many times you simply forgot to blink while using the internet, reading, playing games or writing on the PC?

Insufficient blinking dries the eye and causes irritation such as burning and itching of the eyes. 

If you often feel these aforementioned symptoms after using the computer, you need to obtain artificial tears – drops that protect and moisturize the eye. 

In a minute, you will blink about 5-10 times.

5. Too little sleep

It is known that too little sleep can cause dark under-eye circles, and this very bad habit is  harmfull for your eyes. 

During the night, your eyes  regenerate and rest and short sleep won’t give them enough rest.

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