Your Pocket Could Be The Worst Place To Store Your Smartphone

According to latest studies, keeping cell phones near your body can be more dangerous than you think. 

Read this article and find out why.

Carrying Your Phone in Your Pocket is a Bad Idea

Frequent and prolonged cell phone use is dangerous for your health because cell phones emit and receive electromagnetic waves. 

They can also cause cancer. 

According to Nikolai Kononov, the vice president of the ″ League of the Nation`s Health″, prolonged use of smartphones can damage your central nervous system. 

This is very serious issue because the central nervous system is the chief controller of everything that happens in the human body.

More Dangers of Carrying Phones on the Body

The main target of the electromagnetic waves from the cell phones is exactly the central nervous system. 

However, they also affect your reproductive and endocrine systems. 

Unfortunately, people turn a deaf ear to these warnings and continue to use their gadgets thinking that these will not cause them harm.

Moreover, electromagnetic fields can cause leukemia, hormonal imbalance and even brain cancer.

The Best Thing to Do

We all know how important cell phones are nowadays, so you should not throw them away. 

Instead, you should try to limit the time you spend on your gadget as much as possible. This is especially important for pregnant women in the third trimester. 

Try to keep your mobile device away from your pocket or anywhere near your body because it can damage your reproductive and endocrine system. 

So, when you don`t use it, place it in the bag or anywhere where it will not be close to your body.

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