To be honest with you, I really think that the western toilet could be responsible for many health problems, like: 

hemorrhoids, constipation, IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), appendicitis, and even heart attacks. 

And many experts around the world claim that if you examine the data, there is a great deal of evidence this is true. 

The modern toilet has required us to change the position we use to evacuate our bowels, which changes the anatomy of… well, a poop, to put it bluntly.

Well, you probably never thought this could be a problem, right? 

Can I ask you a simple question – how do you actually sit on the toilet? 

And, I’m pretty sure that you’re using the 90-degree position! Well, you should know that this is the unhealthiest position possible!

Here’s what you need to know – in the 90-degree position (the angle at which your hips are bent), the natural passage of your intestines is disrupted and literally sealed off. 

Only through unnecessary exertion against the laws of physics can you manage to complete the movement. 

And the experts also say that in the worst case, this can lead to constipation, irritable bowels, hemorrhoids, and even colon cancer.

You should definitely try the 35-degree position! 

Here’s what you need to know – the so-called 35-degree position is completely different; here everything can take its natural course. 

This position is the normal in the wilderness and among many cultures, and is learned from infancy on. 

Somehow the Western world was convinced that sitting is more civilized.

Unfortunately, it’s impractical to convert all of our toilets to make them the right height! But, don’t worry, because we can show you a simple solution – just put the feet up on a stool (or a box) while taking care of business. 

You should definitely try this simple trick! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share!

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