5 Common Cancer-Causing Items You Need to Empty Your Home of Immediately

Harmful toxins and chemicals are everywhere around us – they are in the food we eat, the air we breathe and in other places and products we aren’t aware of. Today we’re going to present 5 of the most common toxic household items that you need to get rid of if you want to stay healthy.

Artificial sweeteners

Many people add artificial sweeteners to their coffee and tea instead of sugar, but they are worse than sugar itself. Here are some of the main ingredients in these sweeteners:


Aspartame is linked to skin cancer and can be fatal in case of phenylketonuria.


Sorbitol isn’t fully digested in the intestines which leads to diarrhea, bloating and gasses.

Acesulfame K

This ingredient can affect pregnancy and is highly carcinogenic.


Saccharin is indigestive like sorbitol and has been related to bladder cancer.

If you must sweeten your drinks, try these sugar replacements:


Xylitol improves bone density and reduces the risk of tooth decay.

Yacon syrup

This syrup will feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut and can help you in cases of constipation.


Stevia is a natural sweetener which will lower your blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

Non-stick cookware

Non-stick cookware is present in almost any home in the USA, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t harmful. This type of cookware releases toxins in our food at high temperatures of which most are carcinogenic. Replace non-stick cookware with ceramic pans and pots to keep your health in check.

Plastic bottles and food containers

According to numerous studies, plastic bottles and food containers have a negative effect on our health as they leech dangerous toxins into our food and drinks. They regularly contain Bisphenol-A (BPA), a compound used to harden plastic bottles and other products which has been related to brain, behavioral and prostate disorders. Use metal or reusable water bottles or food containers in order to avoid potential health problems.

Commercial cleaning products

Commercial cleaners are highly dangerous and have been linked to numerous respiratory problems and hormonal imbalances. Instead of using them, try baking soda and vinegar for cleaning – they can clean most surfaces well and don’t have any adverse side-effects.

Air fresheners

We use air fresheners every day to keep our home smelling nice, but they have been found to be more dangerous than cigarette smoke and can cause asthma, hormonal imbalances and respiratory problems. According to a study conducted at the Public Health England’s Center for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards, common air fresheners contain a big amount of formaldehyde which is considered a carcinogen and has been related to numerous serious diseases. Instead of air fresheners, use essential oils to keep your home smelling pleasant and fresh – just add 10-15 drops of an oil of your choice in a cup of distilled water or spray the solution all over your house for a pleasant scent.

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