People around the world carry a lot of misconceptions and superstitions about losing virginity. 

It has been a taboo subject for many. 

Virginity of a girl is seen by many as a pristine thing to lose before marriage, however, it should be left on the individual to make their life choices. 

A person cannot be forced or judged on their personal lie decisions, but there are some things that virgin girls need to keep in mind. 

Use a condom – each guy will persuade you to do it without a condom as it feels better, however, they ensure prevention against STDs and you have less chances of getting pregnant.

Queefing – this is rare in the case of a virgin girl. 

It appears as the vaginal cavity is still tight and has no air inside to come out, but even if it does, it is normal and not at all point to feel embarrassed out.

Finding the “right” location to get in – a lot of guys are confused about the target, and it can be very painful for the girl to take it inside into the wrong target, thus make sure you guide him into the right one in order to keep it hassle-free.

Tampons feet better after the intercourse – this is because the inside loses its tight nature, it becomes looser, thus it gradually gets easier to use the tampons.

You need lubricants – doing it for the first time you may not get wet because of fear or other feelings. 

You will need a lubricant in order to make it pain free to some extent.

Take it slow – not rushing through the whole thing will give you a better experience. 

Assure your partner respect the fact that you are a virgin and you he has to be slow. 

Keep a towel below you in order to keep the process clean.

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