Have you ever stuck in the midst of your journey, where you cannot get help from any direction? 

I simply pray to God that no one would ever stuck in such a situation. 

But, what if you actually do, because sometimes you cannot trust your luck. 

It can turn its back on your any time.

If your car has stopped due to a dead battery, you can star your car using a jack and a rope. 

But how?

To start your car, first, jack up your car and spin the front wheel freely.


Wrap a rope around the wheel tightly and leave its end to get a good grip for pulling. 


Before proceeding further, make sure your parking brake is on and the jack is stable to avoid any accident.


Put the car in third gear and turn on the ignition. 

Then take hold of the rope. 

Pull the role with their full strength. 

In addition, there you go, you engine will start.

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