The dry hair is something that many women (and even men) have tried to eradicate long.

In today’s market there are many products that claim to achieve industrial hydrate from root to tip hair quickly

and efficiently, however, are well known to the many opportunities that people have complained about not result.

But not all bad news, this article will show you a natural way to cure dry hair with homemade ingredients, such as olive oil or egg, but especially the main ingredient of the whole mixture: gelatin. Find out.

Natural Remedy For Hair

Before preparing this remedy, you should know that you will save a lot of money you could have spent on the beauty salon, knows the procedure:


A tablespoon of gelatin

half cup milk

An egg

Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

Two tablespoons of conditioner (If you have dry hair)

Two tablespoons of olive oil

How to prepare:

Pour gelatin into the hot milk and mix

Add olive oil, egg, conditioner and other ingredients, now proceeds to mix.

Using the mixture

Put your hair (must be wet) in the mixture.

After application, hair wrapped in a plastic bag.

Let rest for 30 minutes, and then wash itwith regular shampoo.

What happens here are that the molecules around all your hair causing it to nourish so that it is stronger, shiny and moisturized.

The reason is that gelatin is a great source of protein (much needed for dry hair and brittle) also contains a good amount of amino acids, which helps the growth of hair in a healthy way.

Time Use this remedy We recommend that you use it twice a week, once you see some kind of result, then apply it only twice a month.

I hope you can see the results soon, we know how difficult it is to deal with fragile and dry hair, but with this treatment are safe, you can solve your problem.

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