We are sure that you will be worried and disgusted if you hear that you can find hair bands on the markets that are made from condoms. 

More precisely – used condoms.

This happens in America with different China brands. 

This information is indignant and the problem can cause different health hazards.

The used condoms which are included in the process of manufacturing can inflict STDs, AIDS or genital warts to the person who wears it.

The worst part is that you can easily get to these hair bands because they can be found in many swap meets, beauty salons and flea markets. 

Hair bands and ties that are made with condoms have 4 times more bacteria than public toilets. 

If you put them in your mouth while you are setting your hair it can lead to different diseases such as herpes, AIDS, venereal diseases or warts. 

CDC warns the customers that they should be careful before they buy this product.

Shantea Green, a citizen from Los Angeles was shocked by the discovery that she made recently. 

She cut the edges from the hair tie she got in one local beauty salon. 

The revelation was disgusting; she saw a used condom inside. 

She told her story and prays that the word will be spread and people will stop using these hair ties that are made in China.

Check your band before it is too late and remember to buy them from trusted brands and companies in order to protect yourself from wearing a used condom in your hair.

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