Cancer is one of, if not the deadliest disease in the world. 

It has ruined millions of lives, not only patients’ lives, but also the ones of their families and friends. 

It can be hard to conquer this fatal disease even if it is caught in time, in the early stages, and the situation gets ten times worse if the discovery happens later on. 

Unfortunately cancer is often silent and it creeps up on people without them even noticing they have any kind of symptoms.

It is believed there are alternative natural remedies that are very effective in the prevention, healing and elimination of cancer, but a lot of people are suspicious of them and prefer to get advice from their doctors. 

The drug industries on the other hand are the ones that are the most threatened by the solutions of alternative medicine. 

If people found out they can cure themselves without wasting lots of money on expensive commercial medicines, the drug industries would experience some serious decrease in their earnings.

The scientists have found out that grape seeds are very good for fighting cancer since they have high levels of antioxidants, which make our cells regenerate and eliminate the ones that are causing problems in our body.

The experts from a prominent European university have proven that grape seeds can cure more than 75% of cancers that exist nowadays, that way bypassing the expensive treatments and the side effects of those therapies.

The amazing qualities of grapes have been known for more than a thousand years, ever since the Egyptians discovered them. 

The ancient Greeks also considered this fruit a powerful remedy, and the European healers at the time never wasted any part of them, using their seeds to prepare healing lotions for the skin and eye diseases.

The anti-carcinogenic structure of grapes can be found in any fruit, but the grape seeds have the highest concentration of it. 

Nowadays we can find grape seeds in any natural pharmacy in the form of capsules or extracts.



1 cup of grape seeds

1 glass container with a lid

1 mortar

1 clean cloth


First we need to wash the seeds with tap water. 

Afterwards, we dry them out with a clean cloth.  

The next stage is to put them in a plate and let the sun dry them out even more, for about two to three days. 

After that we grind them in a mortar, if it is necessary we can put them in a cloth while we’re doing it. 

Once they are ground, we place them in a glass container and keep them in a dry and cool place.

We take this powder twice a day mixed with water or juice, and we do it for no more than three months. 

The extended use of this remedy isn’t recommended.

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