First came love, then came marriage, then a baby… and your parents end up divorcing and it sucks. 

Sean Whalen felt that on his skin along with the disappointment of his parent’s failure. 

He sharply recalls the day he came home as a little child, just to discover that his daddy has replaced the locks. 

Because of a really big fight, his father threw his mother and his little brother out of the house, leaving them on the street.

Sean is now a grown up and has 3 kids, unfortunately, he is a single father. 

Throw the years, since his father refused to accept them back, he watched his mom work and tortuously raise him and his brother. Even though, no one believed she could do it all alone.

One week ago, Sean was with his son at a Chinese restaurant. 

They were eating their dinner when Sean noticed that the waitress that served their meal had the same look on her face like his mom did 30 years ago.

He says “Over small talk and water refills, I got the sense that this single mom didn’t want to be there but had to be there and she was doing her best to smile,”on Facebook. “It tore my heart out.”

The polite but also burdened waitress reminded Sean of his own mother.



That day, my mom and dad separated forever. 

I will never forget that day. 

The three of us had to live by ourselves, we believed that our dad is insane. 

How could he throw his own children out on the street? 

However, my mom thought that he would change his mind, but on the contrary, when we came back the next morning, he had already replaced the old locks with new ones. 

We weren’t able to take our things, I remember my mom begged him to open the door, so we could get our clothes and other necessities. 

He wouldn’t. We had to go back later that day with a police escort.”

I loaded up all the clothes I could fit into the bag, and that was the last time I ever stepped foot into the house I was raised in. 

No baseball trophies. None of my 10,000 baseball cards. 

None of my stuff. Hell, I left my pet turtle.

Without credit cards, without money in the bank, me, mom and my little brother lived in a little condo. People from the church donated pots, pans, couches, beds, and food. 

My dad cashed out the bank and literally left my mom with the money in her pockets. 

It takes courage and bravery to do such thing, my mom did it, while we had no idea how hard it was for her. 

I remember clearly walking past her room many sleepless nights seeing her on her knees praying.

She never gave up, she never stopped fighting for us. Not one time.

She did all that was in her power so that my brother and I had everything we ever needed.
She worked days and nights, I can’t find the words to describe how hard that was for her.

The waitress that I saw that night, she looked like she doesn’t belong there. 

Everyone around her was Chinese, the owners, the workers, and most of the customers.


We finished our dinner.

This woman reminded me of my mom and it broke my heart. 

I saw the same hustle in this woman that I saw in my mom.

A single mom. Working on a Thursday night, so she would provide her children a warm meal and a bed.

I sympathized with her.

I am aware that my tip won’t pay her rent.

My tip won’t pay for kids braces.

I know my tip won’t put every food in her fridge.

And my goal was to make her smile, sincerely, with joy in her eyes. 

So she could go home to her kids happier than when she left them.

I felt tonight that maybe along the way someone did this for my mom, and that’s what kept her going on nights she wanted to quit. 

I don’t know. I’ll likely never know.” 

“But I do know this.

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