As it turns out from the latest researches, the sperm is a superfood! It has just been found out that the sperm has the ability to improve the health of the women and even make them happier.

Yes, this is almost an impossible fact and difficult to digest, but the sperm has proven to have chemicals in it that could elevate the mood, improve the sleep and even increase the affection.

Sperm can Improve your Health

Even though the negative sides should be considered too, the positive aspects of indulging yourself to unprotected sex has proven to make women more productive on regular basis, less depressed and show better results in cognitive tests.

A group of Australian researches found out that in some species of animals the female decides to consume the sperm of the male because it is highly nutritional.

This was at first researched on animals, and then on humans too. 

But what does the semen contain? It contains oxytocin, elevating the entire system and improving the well being of a person, estrone and cortisol, which increases the affection. 

It also contains melatonin, thyrotropin, serotonin, which act as anti-depressants.

The typical ejaculation of a male is about a teaspoon, and it comprises about 200 different proteins, vitamins and minerals, among which Vitamin C, calcium, fructose, 7% of your daily potassium need and all of your daily copper and zinc need. And imagine, it contains only 25 calories and 11 miligrams of fat.

And while we are on that subject, let’s talk about the urine. The consumption of urine for it’s nutrients has been done since ancient times.

It is a great anti-septic, which is why you have probably heard that one should pee directly on a jellyfish sting. 

That is why some people use it for gargling.

Even some sport people have admitted to drinking urine, and some people even say that is can cure anything from a common cold to cancer, but this theory has not yet provided us with any proof to fully back it up.

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