We all know that daily showering is an important part of our hygiene, but what we didn’t know that which part of our body we shower first can tell us what kind of person we are!

The Hair

Often, talented and innovative people wash their hair first when they enter the bathroom. 

This kind of people love dreaming, and they would give anything to reach that dream, converting it to a reality. 

Despite the fact that they don’t have enough patience they are always ready to work tirelessly to fulfill their wishes and desires. 

Money is not their priority, they like to be in a company with intellectuals and creative people like themselves. 

With their partners are sensational, passionate and ready to satisfy them in any aspect.
The Chest

So, people who wash their chest or abdomen are highly strung and nervous. They expect to get the worst from every situation. 

If you are one of these people, it’s necessary that you learn how to correctly celebrate success and deal with disappointment, so that future tasks might feel less daunting. 

They enjoy simple things, they like honesty and don’t have hair on the tongue.

However, they are a reliable and faithful partner, willing to dedicate to a peaceful and happy future together. 

Try to relax a bit and be more spontaneous and patient.

The underarms

You are a trustworthy and sociable person. 

You like to help people particularly because you are a workaholic. 

Still, you get into problems, cause you always believe in the good of other people- trusting type. Moreover, they make very poor sex partners, as you are the working type with average talent.

Best advice: develop your inner spiritual strength and you will be much more compelling and content. The best partners for you are the people who wash their shoulders first.

The face

For these people, money is very significant but they are willing to give the best of them in order to succeed in business. 

You prefer having people around you of whom you can profit and seldom you think that life is mundane. 

Other people’s feelings are not your concern, so you don’t care about them. 

You live in your own world and this is why people find you a bit egocentric. 

You’re a bit dependent on your partner, and below mediocre sex partner as too selfish and tend to be engaged in

self-pleasure at the expense of your partner. 

Therefore, try to be more dominant by providing more of yourself in the relationship.

The best partner for you would be a person who washes other body parts first than the ones mentioned in this article.

The shoulders

They never show their emotional side because they don’t like to show their weaknesses. 

A lot of their sense of humor comes from pain and emptiness. 

Being alone is your way of restoring your energy. 

You are a lonely wolf and you don’t like teamwork. 

One of the things that adds to the speed of their brains, is they feel as if they have to solve all their problems on their own. 

Your friends are forever. 

You’re not too tempted by money and prestige, and, in love, you are loyal and steady. 

Your perfect partner is a person who washes their armpits first.

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